Waxing FAQs

1. What types of wax do you use?

  • Hard wax is rosin based, adheres to skin gently, and can be used at lower temps for sensitive areas. It is great for the face.
  • Strip wax is a stronger rosin based wax and is sometimes used on the legs and under arms to remove stubborn hair for smooth soft skin.

2. How should I prepare for a waxing session?

        Before your wax:

        Let it grow

         You should never book an appointment unless it's been 1 to 2 weeks since you last shaved or waxed. Bear in mind you need at least ¼ inch of hair otherwise waxing is              painful and not as effective.


         On the day of your appointment you should exfoliate really well in the bath or shower to loosen dead skin and lift any trapped hairs. 

       Consider pain relief

        A half hour before your appointment, try taking over-the-counter pain relief like Advil or Tylenol – it should start working right around the time your waxing session starts           and ease any potential discomfort. 

      After your wax:

      Soothe the burn

       Use aloe, cortisone or Neosporin immediately afterwards to calm any redness or irritation. 

      Prevent ingrown hairs

        Afraid of ingrowing hairs? Maintain your wax and keep ingrowing hair to a minimum by using an antibacterial body wash, and exfoliating regularly.

      Baby yourself

       Don't exercise or sunbathe right after your wax. Your skin needs time to calm down after the stress it was just put through, and sweat and the heat of the sun just won't           help!


3. What eyebrow shape is best for me?

  • Faces come in a range of beautiful shapes and sizes, oval, heart shaped, round, square. Joyous Skin Care brows are the signature of a beautiful face-designed to flattery your face by
  • Opening up your eye area- 
  •  Creating a frame that best suits the shape of your face (expanding a short forehead, reduce the look of wide set eyes, creating depth in smaller close set eyes)
  •  Correcting, shaping, refining and eyebrow can slim a face and make you feel 10 lbs lighter! 


4. What are the different bikini wax styles?

  • French bikini wax
    It takes all the hair off the front (except a small strip) and continues to right before the back. It doesn't take hair off from the back like a Brazilian (see below). 

    When to choose this treatment: 
    When you want the area pretty smooth with most hair removed, but don't want to take any hair away from your behind.

  • Brazilian bikini wax
    It takes all the hair off the bikini line, right from the front and all the way to the back (yes, by your backside). Sometimes a small landing strip or triangle is left in the front, if desired.

    When to choose this treatment:
    The perfect option if you regularly wear a thong, or just want to be mainly or completely hairless from front to back. 

  • Hollywood bikini wax
    The most comprehensive bikini wax - prepare to be bare! Where a Brazilian may leave you with some hair, a Hollywood removes all of it. The bottom line is, you won't have any genital hair left after this!

    When to choose this treatment: 
    When you absolutely don't want any hair down there, or simply enjoy the extra hygiene of being completely hairless. However I wouldn't recommend this for your first ever wax. 

    Remember, you're in control of your treatment. So please tell the technician your preference of where and how much hair you want removed or left. They can adjust the style to make it your own. 
    Want to go to the next level? Speak to me about a bikini wax design to take it up a notch!