Brazilian bikini waxing

Bare Down There

Remove all the hair from your bikini line with this much-needed service!

Brazilian bikini waxes were introduced to New York in 1987 by seven Brazilian-born sisters, and today the Brazilian remains a popular hair removal method in the US.

It removes hair front to back, but can leave a small landing strip or triangle in the front, if required. If you wear a thong or want to be completely or almost hairless around your bikini line, you absolutely need this service!

Waxing FAQs

Click here for the lowdown on our waxing services, plus the dos and don'ts of how to prepare for your waxing session.



Better Brows

better brows

A quick-and-easy face lift!

Redesigned brows frame the face and flatter the eye. Plus we have a full range of products to create the perfect brow at home, including our clients' favorite, a mineral-based product to bring back brow fullness:  

Diva Eyebrow Design    $20 (for newbies and those outside of regular schedule)
Quick touch up              $14 (for regulars within 4 weeks of last visit)



Why not try a "Brow Bar Party" for your next girls' night in!

Mobile Diva Eyebrow Design

Great eyebrows give you an easy facelift, and full eyebrows give you that youthful look we're constantly searching for. So why not arrange the most unique, useful and fun girlie get-together ever the next time you meet up with those important ladies? 

I bring my mobile "Brow Bar" to your home, hotel or ranch, while you simply sit back, sip a martini, and be pampered! What more does a girl need??

Price list:

  • $18 for full, beautiful eyebrows, includes wax and style
  • $20 eyelash tint
  • $15 eyebrow tint
  • $50 travel fee - unless $100 worth of treatments sold, then no fee to the host and a free wax or tint!
  • We also offer a fabulous range of home-care products for sale, to enable you to continue your new look yourself

I've been using Tanya for several years now and never consider going any where else.  She does a great job on a variety of things like, waxing, brow tenting, facials, and spray tans. I purchase gift cards for friends and family too. I highly recommend Tanya.                                                                                                                                      Freeman