A skin-firming formula builds and restores the skin's matrix, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the highly-concentrated antioxidant blend combats daily skin damages. You leave looking glowing, gorgeous and lbs lighter! 

The DHA works with your skin to create a tan that is perfect for you, resulting in a natural color for any skin type. Beautiful, instant bronze with a smooth transition to a natural DHA tan, and with an even color fade to make it look as natural as a real suntan. Results work across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones.


Benefits of a Joyous Skin sunless tan:

  • It only takes 10 minutes
  • A glowing, natural color - never ever orange
  • Guaranteed fast-drying, non-sticky and streak-free 
  • Odor inhibitors control the DHA after tan odor
  • Lasting results with 5-7 days of gorgeous "just off the beach" color, with proper maintenance
  • You leave feeling gorgeous and looking lbs lighter!


Pasty legs to bronzed goddess in less than an hour!

NEW - The One-$45

You can finally achieve that beautiful golden color in less than 1 HOUR! Get a sunless tan after work and still be ready for a night on the town.

Tanning FAQs

Get the lowdown with our tanning FAQs.

DHA - get the facts...
Ever wondered how sunless tanning products actually work? Watch this short video and discover the secrets!

Mobile sunless tanning - in your home, hotel or ranch

Natural looking sunless tanning in the comfort of your own home - what could be more convenient?

What else has zero calories and takes just 15 minutes to make you look and feel great?!

No one walks down the red carpet anymore without even a little spray-on color! So why should you miss out on the fun to feel your best? Accessible and quick, a sunless tan works with any outfit - especially that short, little number that goes great with those fab shoes you got in the sales. Even knee-high boots could do with a little tan between knee and thigh. And off-the-shoulder dresses or deep cleavage plunges beg for a golden glow to show off your assets.

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Onsite sunless tanning parties!

Thinking of an unique girlie get-together?

Why not book a sunless tanning evening for your girls, your bridal party, or even ranch guests, and lift their spirits this winter with a natural, bronzed glow. Who doesn't feel better with a hint of color? And add a few martinis and you have a really great evening!

Minimum 5 people required for mobile tanning services, or 3 people plus a $50 travel fee. As an added bonus, when you book 5 mobile sunless tans the host gets one free. Or book 4 people from your wedding party and brides are free.

So what are you waiting for? Call me on 970 531-0944 to schedule an appointment today. Your girls will be sure to thank you!