Experts in High Altitude Skin Care

Before you head to the altar or after a long day on the slopes, let Joyous Skin help you look your best! Our fantastic facials are perfect for bringing out your best look for that special occasion, or simply to keep you looking young!

Tired of wasting countless hours shaving? Discover waxing as the best way to rid yourself of that unwanted hair, and complement your new found beauty with our Brazilian waxing


Sunless Tanning
What else has zero calories and takes just 15 minutes to make you look and feel great? We'll complete your gorgeous appearance and enhance your self-confidence in a matter of minutes.

Ever felt envious of those girls with stunning, thick, full eyelashes? Well now you can join them! We have a range of eyelash thickening treatments that will make your eyes pop.


Scrubs & Peels
Do you suffer from oily or dry skin, acne, pigmentation, brown spots or uneven skin tone? If so, let us bring out your natural radiance so you can finally enjoy your skin

Known as a mini-facial for good reason, having your unruly brows sculpted makes so much of a difference to your face that you'll be amazed!