4 Natural Skin Care Tips While Camping

Growing up, the closest my family got to camping was the Holiday Inn so skin care without a sink was not an issue.  So after I got married to a man  who can start a fire with wet wood and a couple of rocks, I had to have some natural skin care strategies that worked in the deep woods.

Options for  natural skin care while camping.

Options for  natural skin care while camping.

Natural Skin Care On the Fly

Camping in Colorado is cool and lush - it is so cool that last year we added a compact camping trailer to our household.  The Lily-Pearl is a sweet 1970 number that we spent all last summer giving a face lift, starting with peeling back the awful carpet, which to our surprise, unveiled a great avocado green / sunshine yellow / tangerine orange linoleum.

We took our camper remodeling ideas from the late 50's and 60's- the era of the "glamper" (glamour camping).  We trimmed out the Lily-Pearl with lemony-yellow paint to cover the water-damaged paneling, installed a new fridge, and salvaged hard wood cabinets that were worth more than the camper itself. We fixed a few leaks, added some down comforters and red velvet bedding, and tossed in a few curtains before taking off down the road.

We tend to dry camp, so water is precious. Waterless camping means being creative about our skin care regimen.  I can't personally go even one night without cleansing my face or I will encounter issues of the pimple kind.

Cleansing wipes are easy to pack for clean skin care while  camping.

Cleansing wipes are easy to pack for clean skin care while  camping.

4 Skin Care Tips to Keep You Looking Awesome

Including the following items in your outdoor camping gear is a must:

1) Cleansing Pads
Natural skin care cleansing wipes are now available without harsh chemicals. Just wipe and go in the morning, and repeat the process before you put the fire out at night.

2) Sunscreen
Long days outside mean at least a 30 SPF sunscreen reapplied every two hours. This is especially true if you will be on the water.

3) A broad-brimmed hat
Nothing can keep sun off your face, neck and shoulders better than a cute hat with a large brim.

4) Moisturizer for the evening
Camping in Colorado is arid and drying to the skin.  Many natural cleansing pads will contain enough moisture for humid areas, but in states such as CO, AZ, NM and WY, where the air is dry and wind is high, a light moisturizer is soothing.

Utilize these four skin care tips to bring you back from the great outdoors with clear, hydrated skin - no extra weight and easy to use.


Enjoy this Fourth of July weekend!

Tanya is a Skin Care Diva with 10 years of skin care experience and at least that many camping in the Colorado wilderness.

Her new product line features natural skin care cleansing wipes for both anti-aging skin care and acne-prone skin, now available.