How to Remove a Bad Airbrush Spray Tan

Uneven tan?  Splitting or cracking or even gasp an oompa loompa orange tan, how do you remove a bad airbrush tan?

If You Notice Streaks and Uneven Areas Right Away

A bad airbrush tan is only skin deep.  The sugar solution that is the tanning product sits on the surface the skin.   If you know the tan is imperfect from the minute you get it hop in the shower and wash with soap and loofa.  Soap arrests the airbrush spray tan's development.  Catch it quick enough and all you bad tan will go down the drain.  Immediately call your airbrush tanning artist to request a reapplication.  Most airbrush tanning spas will oblige mainly because if you don't look good they don't either.  (If they don't then try someone else.) Reminder most airbrush spray tans set up in about 12-24 hrs.  

Warning!! This first method has two challenges

  •  It only works in the first few hours of the life of the tan.
  • The cosmetic color  most professional tanning solutions have can make a tan look imperfect BUT once cosmetic color is rinsed off"bad airbrush spray tan" is actually perfectly.

Ok so this really was a bad airbrush spray tan now what?

  • Try to fix streaks or missed areas with self-tanner after you rinse the bad airbrush spray tan off thoroughly.

  • Call you spray tan artist and as them to redo just the sections that are a problem. Smooth lotion on the areas that are perfect to keep them from turning too dark with the airbrush tanning guns over spray.

If you are at the end of the life of the tan (5-7 days) or just want the tan off then do the following.

Take An Old Airbrush Spray Tan off with Lemon Juice &Salt

  • Dry brush or use a loofa before you shower to loosen skin.
  • Use a harsh soap, ie dial, leaver 2000, and hot water in the shower.
  • A mixture of lemon juice and salt to finish will fade the tan.

Especially in the high rocky mountains skin need moisture.  To keep an airbrush spray tan in top form a heavy butter style lotion and gentle cleanser is a must.  The reverse is true to thoughly remove a tan.  Elbows, knees, calves and underarms need extra attention in dry climates.  Check out blog and video below for Airbrush Spray Tan Prep and Removal.

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How to Remove A Bad Airbrush Spray Tan Video